The Land That Ugly Forgot The Bewildering, Beautiful and Blithe Happenings Around Vancouver, BC


Birding and Balling

If only life were so simple as to be happily entertained with solely birds and balls (...and biscuits).


Off to See the Dog

This was heading to the airport and the ride over to see Scooby for Christmas. She was happy to see us.


Fanciers Fancying Dogs

Last weekend was a get together of doggies galore at the Abbotsford Tradex for the Lower Mainland Dog Fanciers of BC. The fur was flying, but it was limited mostly to the grooming sections.


Hello Out There We’re On the Air

The best game you can name is the good ole hockey game.

Some Junior A hockey at the Langley Events Centre: Surrey Eagles at Langley Chiefs on October 23, 2010.


Aldor Acres Pumpkins and Piggies

It's that time of year... get your muck boots out of the closet and head down to the local pumpkin patch. I spent a few hours at Aldor Acres in Langley last weekend; hay rides, petting zoo and a little bit o' dancing too.


Grab the Umbrella Ella

When it rains it can indeed pour. It's like how there's nobody in line at the grocery store when you walk in, then when you're ready to get to the checkout so becomes everybody else and their brother. Murphy's Law is you're thrown everything exactly when you don't need it. We didn't need the bunch of rain we got last Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, but it made for a video topic nonetheless:


A Couple Hours Around Kelowna Gets You…

... boating, feeding some ducks, taking the dog out, swimming, eating out, walking the boardwalk, watching the birds at the lagoon sanctuary, crossing paths with some deer, enjoying the lake vista... And that's just what part of an afternoon gives you. A whole day can be exhausting.



A Day in Vancouver Life

Went into the city a couple weekends ago. Three things became apparent after watching this video:

1) Keeping a steady hand while walking with a camera is as easy as buttering toast while riding a wooden rollercoaster,
2) One of my lenses is plenty dirty, and
3) Tourists will pet anything - even inanimate statues.


Fetching Some Buns

Getting acquainted with Canon T1i video capabilities while we take the dog to the bakery: