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It’s All About the Goalie

This appears to be a regular play; the goalie is keeping an eye on the player from the opposing team rounding the back of the net with the puck, but take note of the placement of the butt end of the goalie's stick:

The goalie now turns around to face the play... but where's his stick? Got stuck - haha:

Lucky in this instance that the league didn't vote on increasing the size of the goal nets:

Sometimes the limbs just aren't long enough:


Hockey Spectating Translated

Taking a good hockey action photo is difficult. Personally, I'd want to see some ice flying, an emotional face, a puck and some stick movement in the frame to communicate the stress of the moment. Of course I didn't capture anything like that at the hockey game last weekend, which was a disappointment. That was made up, however, by the background crowd that I found I could tell more of a story with by imagining different speech bubble scenarios. And it was a good prompt for me to learn how to draw them to boot.


Hello Out There We’re On the Air

The best game you can name is the good ole hockey game.

Some Junior A hockey at the Langley Events Centre: Surrey Eagles at Langley Chiefs on October 23, 2010.