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Sweet Gluten-Freedom: French Meringue Macarons

Murchie's Tea & Coffee is locally owned and operated with two commercial kitchens in BC. I'm not sure why I'd never heard of French Meringue Macarons before, but it's at this store that I was introduced to them. Supply isn't consistent so you have to hit it right to catch them. There's also a variety of flavours (vanilla, lemon, raspberry), so there's always some element of surprise as to what you'll find if you're on a mission for these! The macarons are made of sugar, egg whites and ground almonds then baked. Sandwich two together with a cream filling, and voilĂ ! They're such a foreign treat, still being such a new discovery to me. Here's the raspberry version:


An Almond Revealed

The squirrels usually get to all the nuts first and steal them away, but almonds are a hard nut to crack so the squirrels tend to leave the almond tree alone. Here's the stages of how the almonds you snack on get from the tree to your snacking bowl: