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Birding and Balling

If only life were so simple as to be happily entertained with solely birds and balls (...and biscuits).

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  1. Your dog is so sweet….playing ball….chasing ducks…and nibbling snow. That’s the good life! (As long as the snow being eaten isn’t yellow.)

  2. I sat here watching this with such a silly smile on my face! Lovely dog, lovely post. Perfect music:) I have ‘shared’ it onto my facebook site.

  3. You’d think that since she’s one of those ones making the snow yellow that she’d avoid it when she feels the need to eat some! I do wonder about her decision-making sometimes though because she has been known to stop, drop and roll onto really smelly things.

  4. Glad you got some enjoyment out of it too! When it’s your own dog I think it’s even cuter and funnier to you (like how people view their own kids), so it’s nice to know that it brings a smile to others’ faces too if I post it, not just to my own face :) The music certainly does change the mood though of anything one creates. Actually, I’m going to try that as an experiment with the next video I put together… I’ll try setting it to different feels of music and see how different it is viewing the two versions. I love when a plan is hatched!

  5. That’s very interesting, I would like to compare the versions too, if you feel like putting several or both up:)

  6. If I was there, Scoob and I would be having a competition as to who would scare the birds off sooner!…haha.

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