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Quails’ Gate

The famed winery Quails' Gate in West Kelowna is aptly named after these birds. Quails have been caught red-handed in West Kelowna eating fresh greens in peoples' gardens without an invitation. They are rarely seen in flight and generally run or flee as their method of moving about. They're like fugitive birds on the lam, most likely from angry gardeners.

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  1. Your timing was perfect! What a handsome capture of that beautiful bird!

  2. Thanks very much – these birds sure can cause lots of damage, but they are quite good looking!

  3. A very cool bird, must be in the pheasant family.

  4. Wikipedia confirms that you are indeed correct! “Quail are seed eaters. They nest on the ground and are capable of short, rapid bursts of flight.” That explains why I rarely see them in the air! There’s a bit of quail trivia for today :)

  5. Quail are the stupidest birds alive. They travel in packs and wait for unsuspecting travelers to drive by. Then they let a lone quail scout the way, darting to safety just in time to signal their inbred brethren to storm the road, only to be hit by the car or make the car slam on it’s brakes to avoid them. Stupidest. Bird. Alive. But yes, quite pretty. I call them all Elvis cuz of the Jerry Curl in the middle of their foreheads.

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