The Land That Ugly Forgot The Bewildering, Beautiful and Blithe Happenings Around Vancouver, BC


Panago Gluten-Free Pizza

Finally! A large chain with delivery has a decent option for us gluten intolerants. They do warn, and you'll see from the sticker on the delivery box, that the environment where the pizza is made contains gluten i.e. the gf pizzas are made alongside normal ones. So, if you're very sensitive or celiac then it probably won't work for you, but I've had it many times now and with no adverse side effects.

There's only one size choice for gluten-free crusts, but no complaints here on that. Sure, it's still the typical non-traditional square shape for gluten-free pizza that seems to have become the standard identifier, but the 12" medium size is totally satisfying. I mean, come on, which box of gluten-free pizza from a national chain would you rather open... the one below, or this one from Boston Pizza?? There's a toonie beside each pizza so you can get an idea of the sizes of pie - and I see a clear winner. This Panago gluten-free pizza tastes good too, and isn't too high-priced for what you get compared to elsewhere. Recommended!


Overtop and Underwhelmed

It's been cloudy and raining for months it seems. Hard to believe Vancouver would see sun yet this summer, or even warm up for that matter. It's June and people are still wearing winter clothes - depressing and sad just like these old gerberas.


Gluten-Free Pizza in Vancouver!

In my continuing quest to find satisfying and tasty gluten-free pizza in Vancouver, I have found a new favourite in Vancouver's West End called Mainly Organics. There's none of this 'using gf crusts from other manufacturers' stuff at this place because they make their own gluten-free crusts. This also allows for the added bonus of getting a gf crust in any substantial size (not just measly "personal size" crusts like other places offer... see my Boston Pizza review). Below is Mainly Organics' pizza vs a $2 coin; now that's a substantial size, and it's their smallest size offered to boot! It's really good, I'm a regular customer. There's even free delivery if your order is over $20.

Click here to see my taste-test of Me-n-Ed's Gluten-Free Pizza.


An Afternoon in Stanley Park

The fallen leaves and colours are a giveaway that this footage was from the fall. I just got to putting together a little montage now. Stanley Park is fantastic. I always look forward to seeing the raccoons. Cute enough to feed, it's hard to resist the urge.


Lit Up

Since I'm on a tulip kick, here's proof that red and pink do go well together.



Playing around with the somewhat contrasting combination of desaturation and sunlight. Aren't tulips pretty? I'd love to be able to stand in a sea of them in Holland. Maybe I'd find something like that at Butchart or VanDusen Gardens? Can't wait for Spring!


Orange You Glad

Sunlight is an excellent mood-improver. Tulips brighten a day. Combine sunlight and tulips, and you can't help but smile.


Half Apron Inspiration

Tutorials abound on the internet for those wanting to learn something new. For me lately it's been sewing. I'm a beginner, and it's hard to find beginner-level directions to sew things properly that aren't hokey and/or look obviously homemade. This tutorial for a half apron is fantastic, and if you're in the same boat I am skill-wise then you'll find it easy to follow too. I made mine longer because I'm messier than most!


Scales and Spines

I met prehistoric-looking Iguana on a recent trip. Look at those lips! They look pretty moist compared to the rest of him. My skin gets dry and scaly this time of year too... from the cold though, not the heat as he faces everyday.


Repetition for the Eyes

Patterns in nature make up very interesting exercises for the eyes. The gradation in colour here emulates a sunset, changing from yellow at the centre apex to red towards the bottom. Discover other cool photos along the same lines of patterns in flora at National Geographic.